Carla Tolomeo has provided her artworks of the Digitale Certificate issued by ArtID

Lugano 24/11/2018. The famous international artist Carla Tolomeo is one of the artists who first decided to provide their artworks with the new Digital Certificate of ArtID.

ArtID was the first in the world art scene to create an innovative system based entirely on Blockchain to effectively manage the digital identity of the artwork and the management of all certificates of authenticity issued by the relevant authorities, providing an important service to all stakeholders of the art world.

Carla Tolomeo

Carla Tolomeo stated that the motivations behind her choice are the following: "For an artist, every piece of art created represents life, thoughts, ideas and efforts, not just on the creative level but also the ones required to exist and get visibility."

Crla Tolomeo continues stating that: “It is not pleasant to think that it is possible, as unfortunately already happened to me, that someone can exploit my artworks and my passions to create something ugly, that vaguely resembles the original version, trying to sell it as mine.”

It’s important that this is guaranteed. And ArtID has created the possibility to store on the Blockchain all the relevant information about the artists, their works and their lives, in an indelible and everlasting way. All this by recording all information in an immutable and easily consultable way. This is fundamental to give value to our work and the artworks distinguishing them without uncertainties from potential copies as my artworks can obtain the Digitale Certificate only through my consent."

"Frogs" by Carla Tolomeo

Today ArtID represents the best integrated solution in the art market for the complete management of all processes related to the identification, certification, promotion, sale, customs clearance and shipping of any artwork in the world.

The ArtID’s cryptographic token represents the mean of entry into the most advanced digital ecosystem dedicated to art, becoming a financial and payment instrument recognized globally.