Giovanni Cerri adopts the digital certification of ArtID and enters the digital marketplace.

Lugano 29/11/2018. Giovanni Cerri enters the family of artists who, adopting the Digital Certificate managed by ArtID, are positioned in the first innovative digital marketplace for the development of art based on Blockchain.

The digital marketplace for art recently developed by ArtID has established new reliability parameters to overcome market issues and creating the conditions for more transparency in the sector, attracting to itself the best artists of the Italian and International scene in the market of contemporary art and beyond.

Among these, counting the entrance of the artist Giovanni Cerri, new records are established in terms of quality standards of the digital presence of the art on the Blockchain and in the digital field.

Giovanni Cerri

The international artist Giovanni Cerri stated: "I only recently met ArtID but from the first meeting with the founder Stefano Vablais I realized the great potential in terms of visibility by being on the international "stage" that the web is able to offer. "

Giovanni Cerri continues: "The possibility of inserting the images of my artworks into this large virtual container - adding, of great importance - the guarantee of authenticity, seemed to me a very tempting opportunity and I recommend to other authors a synergy with the team of this company. "

Giovanni Cerri concludes: "The speed of fruition that the blockchain system allows, this digital and immutable archive, I believe represents the new future for communication, also for what concerns the visual arts. Even more so if to this innovation is also added the possibility to support - through the certificate of authenticity - the value of the artwork. "

"Venezia" by Giovanni Cerri

Today ArtID represents the best integrated solution in the art market for the complete management of all processes related to the identification, certification, promotion, sale, customs clearance and shipping of any artwork in the world.

The ArtID’s cryptographic token represents the mean of entry into the most advanced digital ecosystem dedicated to art, becoming a financial and payment instrument recognized globally.