Paolo Franzoso, together with the Art Advisor Marco Bertoli, adopt the digital certificate of ArtID

Lugano 07/12/2018. ArtID includes two important new entries in its certified art marketplace: the artist Paolo Franzoso accompanied by the Art Advisor Marco Bertoli, two of the most eclectic figures in the contemporary art world.

This represents a new great success for the digital marketplace for art developed by ArtID which today, in addition to numerous internationally renowned artists, begins to be chosen by prominent Art Advisors, just as Marco Bertoli, key figures in the artistic ecosystem in general.

Paolo Franzoso

Marco Bertoli, Art Advisor of the eclectic Venetian/Bolognese artist Paolo Franzoso personally declares: "Paolo has always cultivated a profound curiosity and a strong spirit of innovation since he was a child, supported by this "background" he enthusiastically picked up the proposal of Art Advisor Marco Bertoli to try and discover the technology linked to the blockchain."

Marco Bertoli continues: "Using blockchain technology to certify the authenticity of the artworks is certainly a mean that could really become essential to ensure greater transparency in the management of certificates, because frauds related to this type of applications could be more easily fought."

Marco Bertoli concludes: "Not to mention the savings in terms of time and costs linked to the possibility of avoiding "manual" searches and checks of paper documents."