The artistic excellence Jared Jones enriches the family of artists certified by ArtID

Lugano 02/12/2018. Jared Jones is the new addition to the list of artists who have made of ArtID their new digital marketplace.

The digital art marketplace developed by ArtID, already present for months online and setting new performance records on a daily basis, continues to be enriched with new leading artistic personalities in its sector.

Jared Jones

Jared Jones, an internationally renowned artist, has personally stated: "I chose ArtID as a platform to exhibit my artworks because it is not only ideal for showing my work to potential customers all over the world, but it is also safe to do so because each painting has its own digital signature. "

Jared Jones continues: "the high resolution pictures of the paintings are digitally stored in the database so there is no doubt that the painting is not a copy and is original."

Jared Jones concludes: "a lot of time and work are invested in each piece and it's nice to see that part of mind and inspiration is guaranteed."

"Rocks" by Jared Jones

ArtID allows immediate use of its services simply by registering online at:

For each registration 50 Tokens ArtID will be provided free of charge, each one worth 0.55 €, which can be immediately used to test the platform and quickly equip the artworks with the Digital Certificate.

Today ArtID represents the best integrated solution in the art market for the complete management of all processes related to the identification, certification, promotion, sale, customs clearance and shipping of any artwork in the world.

The ArtID’s cryptographic token represents the mean of entry into the most advanced digital ecosystem dedicated to art, becoming a financial and payment instrument recognized globally.