The Digital Certificate of ArtID is adopted by Franca Pisani’s Archive.

Lugano 04/12/2018. The Historical Archive of the Franca Pisani’s artworks, which already represents a valuable digital support for collectors, has announced that as first mover it will use the Digital Certificates produced by ArtID for the management of its artistic works.

The collaboration with the historical archive of Franca Pisani represents an important milestone for the digital certification project developed by ArtID that marks a new and important goal in favor of safeguarding contemporary art while respecting the peculiarities typical of each artist.

Franca Pisani

Franca Pisani, a well-known contemporary artist, stated: "I have adopted the Digital Dertificate to keep up with the times. Mine is an innovative archive, prepared for new technologies and new possibilities.”

Franca Pisani continues: "Even the needs of the collector change and the market adapts: with the new technologies we have rediscovered the desire to understand, interact, search and explore."

Franca Pisani concludes: "The archive's primary purpose remains to ensure reliability and competence for collectors. And thanks to the efficient use of digital technologies, it continues to promote the experimentation of contemporary art for an up to date and cutting-edge contribution. "

ArtID allows immediate use of its services simply by registering online at:

For each registration 50 Tokens ArtID will be provided free of charge, each one worth 0.55 €, which can be immediately used to test the platform and quickly equip the artworks with the Digital Certificate.

Today ArtID represents the best integrated solution in the art market for the complete management of all processes related to the identification, certification, promotion, sale, customs clearance and shipping of any artwork in the world.

The ArtID’s cryptographic token represents the mean of entry into the most advanced digital ecosystem dedicated to art, becoming a financial and payment instrument recognized globally.


Franca Pisani's Historical Archive:

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